Friday 12 October 2012

Our HOPE journey until now...

Hey peeps,

With the new day comes another post by HOPE!! 

All of you know about HOPE from our Facebook and Instagram pages (if you haven't seen them yet, do check them out right away!!)

What you don't know is how this journey started!!!

Now Hope did start with an idea by our director sir. He started discussions in our 10th grade classes about how he wanted to start this campaign.

And our 10th grade class enthusiastic as it is agreed to participate immediately (partly because it meant skipping a few classes here and there :-P )
But as the campaign progressed we started getting serious about it. We designed our own posters and put them up around the school.
We planned a couple of experiments to be done in classes to show the effects of tobacco. We then practiced these experiments but let me tell you this practice was anything but serious!!

We showed presentations to every class from the 6th grade through to the 12th grade. Even the youngest 6th graders now know a good deal about tobacco.


They looked so cute as they listened to the Bhaiyaas and Didis talking about Ganda Ganda tobacco. As the campaign spread around school even the youngest classes where the presentation had not been shown yet started becoming aware about it.In fact a cousin of mine studying in the 3rd grade in our school started talking about going against tobacco at the dinner table.

Peer pressure is one of the leading causes for teenagers to start smoking. We had a session with the senior classes where the school's old students shared their experiences about peer pressure and tobacco.


The latest news at hope is that we are holding an exhibition

 for the VISMA students and their parents.

Wait up for the next post about the exhibition. 
Until then....
Stay tobacco free...stay happy!!

Sunday 7 October 2012

Why we started this campaign?

Tobacco is the single largest cause of preventable death globally. 100 million people died in 20th century and if this trend continues there will be upto 1 million deaths in 21st century. All most all tobacco users began to use it as teens. Research says that if you dont take it before the age of 26 you will seldom take it afterwards.

There are lots of reasons teens start taking tobacco, whatever the reason, once you start, you will soon discover a secret: Tobacco is an addiction and its really, really hard to stop. As a parent, whether you use it or not, your words and actions make significant differnce in your child's choice to remain tobacco free.

VISMA has started anti-tobacco campaign. Our focus will be on preventing youths from taking tobacco.